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Exhibition Report ▏ Expensive and inexpensive equipment, come to Richfruits to hear the answer!


    "Shanghai International Furniture Production Equipment and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition" successfully concluded on September 11, 2019 in Shanghai Hongqiao • National Convention and Exhibition Center! As a drafting enterprise of automatic paint sprayer industry standard, Boshuo exhibited a coating application technology solution tailor-made for the home furnishing industry at the booth 8.1C13 (Hall 8.1)-dual-servo cross-direction spraying technology-B2-03 Painting line.

Shanghai Hongqiao • National Convention and Exhibition Center

   Expensive and inexpensive equipment    

Six chapters to answer your questions

The first article: Intelligent spraying of odorless and pure uv paint! Does UV spray smell bad? UV paint damages the skin?
These are not problems, intelligent painting, Bo Shuo provides a one-stop solution! Part 2: Spray equipment without paint mist 100% utilization! The UV paint is not self-drying, and the machine with serious structural leaks causes the paint to flow to the ground. And no paint mist discharge, so that there is no paint mist in the pipeline, no paint mist is discharged, and no exhaust gas treatment system is needed.
Part 3: Patent structure for cleaning the belt without thinner! Your painting equipment also needs a lot of thinner to clean the belt? The smell of thinner evaporates, causing the entire workshop to smell, which is not environmentally friendly! Chapter 4: Product Display of Flat and Shaped Matte Effect! Minimalist high-gloss products have been popular for several years. Minimalist skin dumb effect has the characteristics of good-looking, non-sticky, no fingerprint, easy to clean, and will be the mainstream of the market!
Chapter 5: Intelligent spraying equipment can spray finished products on five sides at once! Solid wood custom-made furniture, with less flat parts and more irregular shapes, intelligent spraying equipment, general panel parts, cabinet doors, wooden doors, door covers, lines and other products are superior to roll-coating equipment that can only roll planes.
Chapter 6: Is Boshuo's equipment expensive? Valuable, not expensive! Boshuo has four series of spraying equipment, from entry to high-end, covering 80% of customer needs. 

 Hot scene    

Many new and old customers fromRichfruits are here

Richfruis's Team

The on-site test machine at the exhibition attracted many visitors. Boshuo used its strength to show you the coating application technology solution tailored for the home industry-dual-servo cross-direction spray technology, using LED-UV primer , The effect of the on-site test machine was unanimously praised by visitors!


▲ In-depth communication only for better understanding

▲ Group photo with visitors from major cafes

     "Taking customer needs as the center and creating the greatest value for customers" is our service concept, and we have always implemented it resolutely. "Shanghai International Furniture Production Equipment and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition" ended successfully. Thanks to the support and trust of many new and old customers. With your support and trust, Boshuo will continue to show great success.

      From September 18th to September 21st, 2019, Vietnam Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Accessories Exhibition-VIETNAMWOOD will be launched soon. We will bring the B3 automatic paint spraying machine at the booth of E53 (Hall E) and look forward to your visit.


Finally, I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!