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Exhibition report ▎Explosion B2-03UV paint line ignites Guangzhou Construction Expo


      China Guangzhou International Architectural Decoration Fair is the largest fair in the world, with an exhibition area of more than 400,000 square meters, bringing together nearly 2,000 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and brands, covering the entire industrial chain of large home building materials decoration industry.

     As the drafting enterprise of automatic paint sprayer industry standard, Richfruits displayed the explosive B2-03UV paint spraying line in booth 11.1-06 (Hall 11.1), which has the highest cost performance in the industry and is the first choice for major home furnishing companies.

High quality and high efficiency 

B2FacileAutomatic paint spraying machine

▉Three advantages

1. The dual-servo cross-direction spray technology produces very little paint mist.

 2. DuPont belt surface + high-function paint recovery system, the paint recovery rate on the belt surface reaches more than 99%.

3. Removable + quick-release cleaning rack, easy maintenance, maintenance only takes 10 minutes!

High efficiency and energy saving, compatible with two paints


▉ Three advantages

1. Electronic power system is used, which is 40% more energy-efficient than traditional power supply.
2. Mixed element lamp, compatible with ordinary uv paint and LED-UV paint.
3. Three-dimensional structure, able to dry the top surface of the workpiece, four sides and bottom.

Save more, better quality

B2-03UVPainting line

1300mmAutomatic painting line-UV/WBUV

General parameters:

▏Production capacity:1800㎡

▏Total power:98kw

▏Gas consumption:2.5m³/min

▏Machine size:40×5.4×2.75m

▏Bearing requirements:500kg/㎡

▏Instead of staff:16pepple

   The industry's highest cost performance, experience the explosion of B2-03UV paint line, save 30 kilograms of paint in one shift, save 270,000 yuan per year, save 75 kilograms of belt cleaning in one shift, and save 292,500 annually. The data proves why everyone chooses B2-03.

 Hot scene   

Richfruits Guangzhou Construction Expo attracts many eyes

The on-site test machine at the exhibition attracted many visitors. Richfruits used its strength to show you  guys the coating application technology solution tailored for the home industry-dual-servo cross-direction spray technology, the effect of the test machine Received unanimous praise from visitors!

  Richfruits will as always, provide leading equipment and integrated application technology services for major home furnishing companies in the coating industry, helping companies move towards a better customized home life.