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"Global symbiosis, a win-win future" Boshu Painting Integrated Intelligent Experience Hall was officially launched!


Boshuo held the vision of "environmental protection standards", "green manufacturing", "automated coating", "smart coating" and other visions at the start, and believed that the field of smart coating equipment has an inestimable market prospect. From 2003 to 2019, with 17 years of perseverance and breakthroughs, Boshuo and the industry witnessed the growth of the entire coating application technology.


     On December 5, 2019, the celebration of "Global Symbiosis, a Win-win Future" 2019 Boshu Painting Integrated Intelligent Experience Hall was officially launched in Boshu Painting Integrated Intelligent Experience Hall. More than 80 guests from the equipment and coating circle, including Wu Qingqiang, deputy director of Shunde District Science and Technology Bureau, Zhang Chuanxi, executive chairman of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce, and vice president of Sophia, president of Guangdong Customized Furnishing Association, attended the event.


"Global Symbiosis • Win-win Future"

The painting integrated intelligent experience hall was officially launched

▍Richfruits Painting and Painting Integrated Intelligent Experience Hall officially launched

    ▎Come as scheduled

 ▎ Richfruits  Xie's Chairman's Speech

    Bo Shuo Xie Jun Chairman's Message:

      After 17 years of experience, Boshuo has relied on one piece of equipment, one production line, and one project after another. Today, Boshuo has only done one thing in the past 17 years, which is painting equipment, which has achieved its original intention and the mission. .

       With 17 years of accumulation, the product system and project system guided by the solutions required by customers have been established, especially the project system. The iron triangle of customer manager + solution expert + account delivery expert has been implemented to ensure the perfect implementation of the solution; Bo Master products have formed the product structure of Golden Tower, covering the point, line and surface markets; meanwhile, Boshuo ’s equipment has reached the CE \ CSA international standard and has a pass to the international market.

      Today our theme is "Global Symbiosis, Win-win Future". I believe that today's connection is more important than possession, and collaboration is more important than sharing. As long as the global business ecosystem is established, borders are opened, connections are made, symbiotic relationships are formed, and collaborative development, We will be able to succeed.

 ▎ Launch Ceremony of Richfruits Painting Integrated Intelligent Experience Hall

    Ms. Xie Jun, Chairman of Richfruits, Zhang Ting, Vice President of Sophia, President of Guangdong Customized Home Furnishing Association, Zhang Chuanxi, Executive Chairman of National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce, Cem, an excellent distributor of Turkish woodworking equipment, and Chen Peixian, Chairman of Shanghai Guansheng Woodworking Machinery Co. A total of 8 industrial chain leaders, including Ding Yiwei, general manager of Vietnam Riken Joint Venture RIKEN, Chairman Liang Shaowen of Malaysia Liangsheng Wood Furniture Machinery Co., Ltd., and Chairman of Indonesia BSA Company, jointly opened the "Painting Integrated Intelligent Experience Hall".

 ▎ Message from industry leaders

     At the same time, Sophia Vice President Zhang Ting, President of the Guangdong Customized Home Furnishing Association, Zhang Chuanxi, Executive Chairman of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce, and Zhao Xinjian, General Manager of Hangzhou Yidian Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. all praised the Boshu Coating and Integrated Intelligent Experience Hall! In particular, Sophia's Vice President Zhang Ting Zhang highly praised Boshuo's intelligent coating system. Now the most advanced intelligent coating system in China and even the world is located in Lankao Sofia factory.

Learn more about the "Smart Experience Hall"

       Afterwards, Wu Xuefeng, the deputy general manager of Richfruits, led the guests into the Boshu Painting and Coating Intelligent Experience Museum, and watched the mystery of the Smart Experience Museum up close. Related knowledge of technicians.

"Smart Painting • Leading the Future"  

The integrated intelligent experience of painting attracts countless eyes

▍▎"Smart Experience Pavilion + Lunjiao Expo" Punching Network Red Dot

     The second day of the opening of the Boshu Tu Integrated Intelligent Experience Hall, on December 6, coincided with the launch of the 20th China Shunde (Lunjiao) International Woodworking Machinery Expo. Many visitors from the Boshuo booth of the Lunjiao Pavilion: 1A17 Move to the Boshuo Intelligent Experience Hall to visit, the real experience experience painting is intelligent, only the Intelligent Experience Hall received more than 600 people during the Expo.

     Are you the next one to punch in?

Secretary of Party Work Committee of Lunjiao Town and his party visited

     The opening of the Boshutu Integrated Intelligent Experience Hall has not only been highly recognized in the industry, but the government has also given high hopes. On the afternoon of December 6, Lu Dequan, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lunjiao Town, member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Office Director, Director Luo Guanming, Director of Lun Education and Economics Bureau, Director Li Yuyan, Director of Lun Education and Economics Bureau, Director Liang Qitao, Director of Environmental Protection Bureau, and Deputy Director Zhou Xixian went to Boshu "integrated intelligent experience hall for painting" to guide the work and learn about painting Intelligent.


 ▎A visit by the Chinese Forestry Machinery Association

 ▎A visit by Nankang Furniture Association

  ▎Malaysian Furniture Association and Muar Furniture Trade Association visited



 ▎Industry new and old customers visit

exhibition site

Real experience of Smart Experience Hall

Uncover the mystery of the "smart experience hall"

Why so many people in the industry are watching the Smart Experience Hall

▍▎Features of Boshuo "Painting Integrated Intelligent Experience Hall"

1. Incorporating the “product elements” born from the “first” coating process of Boshuo

   "Environmental protection and energy-saving new materials", that is, "insulation and decoration integrated board" are used for the outer wall and inner wall. The coating equipment for wood products is improved on the "calcium silicate board" through the coating process of Boshuo's "first" Surface treatment has replaced various natural granite and marble. It plays an active role in promoting the national "prefabricated construction".

Second, the experience hall is a production workshop of an intelligent furniture enterprise's rear stage

3. The coating production line and supporting equipment of the experience hall are all intelligent production lines

     1. The three production lines have implemented a line control system. Through the line control system, all the equipment of the entire production line can be controlled, and the supporting central dust removal and exhaust gas treatment of the line control operation production line can be realized and the whole line data can be collected in real time.

     2. The three painting production lines in the experience hall are connected to the central control system. The central control system can be connected to the customer's MES system, extract the data of the MES system, and issue command menus to command each production line. All production data are uploaded to the customer's ERP system and three real-time collection Production data.

     3. All the painting production lines in the experience hall are remotely maintained through the Internet, and all data is uploaded to the cloud, presented as a graphic report, and can be viewed through the PC and mobile phones.

 "Global symbiosis, a win-win future" 2019 Richfruits painting integrated intelligent experience hall celebration ended successfully. Richfruits has a number of technological innovations, a large number of customer application cases, accumulated rich practical experience, and strong comprehensive solution capabilities. It's intelligent system revolves around equipment, line control, remote, and cloud multi-level control to achieve big data and cloud computing. I believe in the future, Boshuo will continue to provide advanced solutions and bring new technological reforms to the coating industry!