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Coating Effect Required

Uniform color, no color difference The paint film feels smooth Fine surface of paint film High Film Fullness

Coating Technology Analysis

wooden door profile

According to the enterprise's own characteristics,to recommend the suitable spraying production line,and centring on Ⅲ,Ⅳ two stages ,above 90% domestic enterprises are at these stages.In china,Ⅴindustry 4.0,because of standardization,there is a long way to go.Now,Richfruits has integrated robot,internet,intelligentized paint supplying system and software compatibility.

The advantage of automatic spraying paint

Applying to products:the thickness of panle pieces is nuder 100mm,Strong versatility of paint,high output,be suitable for most of furniture enterprises.

1.Jade-like spraying effect

2.Superior paint film controlling

3.High-efficient paint collecting

4.Simple maintenance of equipment

Customer Application Cases